From 13.8.: Regular GGG proof obligatory

Dear visitors of the TanzFaktur,

in the wake of the latest federal and state resolutions, we have adapted our hygiene regulations.


Regular GGG proof (tested, recovered, vaccinated) is required to enter our classes and events. According to government recommendation, one of the proofs is obligatory - please show it without being asked to the staff at the reception as soon as you enter the building.

Masks are still required in the hallways and foyer, even during events. Masks may be removed in the classes. Please pay attention to hygiene rules and appropriate spacing during classes and other dance education formats.

HERE  you can find our hygiene concept.

Photo: Unsplash/anshu


From 19.8. on: ALL KIDS & TEENS Classes are back on schedule! Welcome and register HERE.

From 24. 8. on: Axis Syllabus, Dance Your Anatomy, and additional Impro, Contemporary and Ballet classes are back! Sign up HERE for the new extended presence class schedule for adults. 


Click HERE for our updated hygieneconcept. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Photo: Oliver Stroemer

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