Tanz und Raum e.V.

An association for the promotion of contemporary dance


The association "Tanz und Raum e.V." serves to promote contemporary dance. Its aims include regional, national and international events, productions, projects, training and further education, festivals, symposia and publications:

- to bring dance practitioners together with the public and an audience yet to be won over

- to strengthen the exchange between people of different origins and physicalities, religious affiliation, social background, whereby different physical and mental abilities are seen as an enrichment and an opportunity.

- to promote young dancers

- to support and create networks

- to support the establishment of the art of dance in schools and youth services

- to awaken understanding and enjoyment for contemporary dance, to promote attendance and the artistic tasks of the TanzFaktur, and to support the endeavours of the people creating in the TanzFaktur and those involved in the reproduction of dance

- to create an inclusive and diverse space that interacts directly with the neighbourhood through various formats

- to create barrier-free spaces: This does not only mean barrier-free access to the spaces for all people with disabilities and professional equipment, but also the development and realisation of corresponding inclusive formats (courses, workshops, seminars, performances) by and with artists with and without disabilities.