Professional training at the TanzFaktur

Profitraining Köln e.V.

The Profitraining Köln e.V. association currently consists of about 100 members of the independent dance scene in Cologne and was founded in February 2021. The association strengthens the dance community in Cologne and creates further training opportunities for freelance dancers by organising daily dance training for professional dancers as well as regular workshops in cooperation with Schauspiel Köln and the Cologne University of Music and Dance.


Dates spring/summer 2021

15.3-19.3. Antoine Ragot | Axis Syllabus / Swimming in the Gravitational Field

22.3-26.3. Susanne Schneider | Contemporary Dance / Sensorial Awareness and Physical Connectedness in Dance Training

29.3-2.4. Chin-A Hwang | Classical Ballet

5.4-9.4. Julio Iglesias Ungo | Contemporary Dance / Inner Tools

12.4-16.4. Emanuele Soavi | Ballet for Contemporary Dancers

19.4-23.4. Jennifer Döring | Contemporary Dance / Spirals and Space

26.4-30.4. Manuel Kisters | Contemporary Dance / Continuity / Fluidity

3.5-7.5. Matan Levkowich | Movement Intelligence / Training / Research

10.5-14.5. Charlotte Brohmeyer | Floorwork / Rhythm / Couple Dance

17.5-21.5. Dennis Alexander-Schmitz | Contemporary Dance / Traveling Through Space

24.5-28.5. Dwayne Holiday | Contemporary Dance / Up Right, Not Lying Down/ Dancey-Dance

31.5-4.6. Amanda Romero | Contemporary Dance / From the Ground into Force

7.6-11.6. Nicolas Robillard | Classical Ballet

14.6-18.6. Stefanie Schwimmbeck | Contemporary Dance / Release Technique

21.6-25.6. Salim Benn Mammar | Contemporary Dance / Strength, Coordination, Flow

28.6- 2.7. Karoline Strys | Contemporary Dance / Somatics / Parkour Technique 


Location Tanzfaktur | Siegburgerstraße 233w, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Time 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.



6 € single session | 50 € 10er Karte (45 € for club members)

100€, 130€ or 170€ Tanzcard 100 (annual flat rate, only for club members!)


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Profitraining Köln e.V.

Yana Novotorova - Michael Maurissens - Karoline Strys

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Profitraining e.V. is supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and IMPULS DIS-TANZEN (DIS-TANZEN is funded within the framework of Neustart Kultur by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media).

Profitraining e.V. is supported by the TanzFaktur and cooperates with the Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz/Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln and tanz Köln/Schauspiel Köln.


Photo: (c) Michael Maurissens