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Carla Jordão / SPECIES


A UNIVERSAL IDENTITY is a trip into the shared worlds of the performer Manuel Kisters and the choreographer Carla Jordão.

From the fragments of growing and collapsing, of overcoming and failing, an ego is formed. Each time new, each time old. The exhaustion of what is bearable, of one's own possibilities and limits, becomes the tray that carries one's own personality - and thus the human being carries himself. Grows and fails. Fails and grows.

Carla Jordão - Choreography 

Carla Jordão lives and works as a choreographer in Cologne. She completed her Bachelor's degree in dance and stage performance at the University of Lisbon and her Master's degree in dance composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. She has danced and choreographed for numerous companies at home and abroad. With her choreographies she has been a guest at festivals throughout Europe, including the Tala Dance Center Festival (Croatia), Insoliti Festival (Turin), ProArt Festival (Prague) and the tanz.tausch Festival (Cologne). She has won several prizes at national and international competitions, including the SzoloDuo Festival Budapest, the Kontakt Energie Competition at the Stadttheater Erfurt and most recently the Cologne Dance Theatre Prize 2019 for A UNIVERSAL WEAKNESS.

Manuel Kisters - Dance & Music

Manuel Kisters was born in Bensberg in 1996. He was originally very involved in music, sports and acting. When there were opportunities to participate in various dance trainings and productions in 2011, he started dancing. Later he studied dance in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since 2014 he has been creating his own productions. His own movement research includes aspects of floor work, floor acrobatics, partnering and physical theatre. He currently works between Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Credits / Team

Choreography: Carla Jordão
Dance & Music: Manuel Kisters
P&Ö: Sina Langner & Anthea Petermann
Photography: Matthias Peters

Thanks to: Timm Roller; Sonia Franken; Dr.Daniel Rademacher and Dawid Liftinger.

The research for the production UNIVERSAL IDENTITY was supported by an artist grant within the framework of the NRW-Corona-Hilfen.



Compagnie Irène K.


¿Adonde explores the movements of these exhausted and vibrating bodies, drawn by distance but clinging to the past. These bodies, torn between the known and the unknown, between too much and not enough, between the hope and the fear of being wrong, deceived, and suffering again. Letting go of the past, seeing the new. Going forward. Forward. The new is so tempting. Looking back. The past experiences hold us. We hold on to them. Letting go is hard. Letting go hurts. Letting go is scary.

Questions that take over our body and mind. Can I dare to leave my comfort zone? What awaits me? Who am I anyway? Where do I want to go? Where is my place in this society? There are so many doubts that hold us back. - Holding back from being the great people we are. Go! Go for it! After- thinking about it so much. Give up all the questions, fears, thoughts and doubts, there's something extraordinary waiting for you up ahead.

Compagnie Irène K. is a contemporary dance company, a non-profit association founded in 1977 under the artistic direction of Irene Kalbusch. For the creations, she collaborates with professional dancers of different na- tionalities.

In addition to stage performances for adults and children, the Compagnie Irene K. creates performances for public spaces. The special features of the places and the respective architecture are taken up and exploited by the dancers; new, fleeting images always emerge that surprise the audience. Irene K. has been organising the international festival "Tanzende Stadt" since 2005.

Credits / Team

Production: Compagnie Irène K.

Artistic direction: Irène Kalbusch

Dance and material development: Karolina Kardasz, Marcia Liu, Gold Mayanga, Nona Münnix, Jessica Van Cauteren, Anaïs Van Eycken

Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert Music composition Guy Lefebvre

Light creation: Eddy Gräser Co-production Kultur- zentrum Welkenraedt, Kulturzentrum Verviers, Chudoscnik Sunergia


Pictures: Carla Jordão / André Bong