(Rh)einfach Fest: Landscape of Liveness; re/telling plant-human stories through digital and live performance followed with reception

BühnenSaal | 16,50€ / 9,50€
19:00 Uhr

Emily Welther


Landscape of Liveness is a multimodal performance installation, a new interweaving of nature and technology, the overlapping of live and documented encounters between plants and human bodies. What stories of plants and humans emerge when humans are no longer in the centre, when plants move closer in the periphery?

Landscape of Liveness is a story that dissolves into many stories. It is the culmination of an artistic research to bring people and plants closer by amplifying and zooming in on the known and unknown parts and aspects. A story of bodies as a constellation of micro-moving and intra-acting fragments; a story of bodies of p, fla.nze- M:ens chW/o rt that begin to unravel anew as stories of touch emerge.

This performance installation invites the viewer to look at, listen to and walk through a digital/living landscape of sounds, spoken text, movement and video projections of human/plant encounters. Based on Donna Haraway's theory that humans are an intertwining of nature and culture and are in co-evolution with non-human living bodies, this performance installation intends to rediscover the theatrical as well as the natural environment, breaking down one-sided anthropocentric notions.

Landscape of Liveness was performed as a 35-minute performance installation with fixed seating. It can also be shown as a continuous installation with live performance elements or as an individual sound installation with headphones.

Sound/Video/Performance: Emily Welther 

Lighting/Technical Assistance: Irina Baldini 

Sound assistance: Klaas Voigt


Pictures: Fenia Kotsopoulou