INKUBATOR Abschlusspräsentation

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Philipp Hansen, Hannah Krebs, Hannah Sampé

Finding Spaces for Care


Hannah Krebs, Hannah Sampé and Philipp Hansen started the Inkubator Residency last year with the intention to share their individual perspectives and practices on the topic of Care and to see where to go from there.

In the first phase in September 2021 they tried to work together as a whole: mostly coming together as one group, opening up the theme in many directions through daily movement practice, literature discussions, media exchanges, museum visit, personal contextualizations.

In the second phase in March 2021 each of them got one week to facilitate their own research interest with the other two. Hannah Krebs going into water, jellyfish and karaoke, Hannah Sampé caring for imagination, intention, aggression and philippa conducting the fairy academy.

Now in the third and last phase the three decided to work together as a film crew every one of them making their own short film, which will be presented as part of the final Inkubator showing. Hannah Krebs portraying the jellyfish Researcher Margrethe from Groinland. Hannah Sampé experimenting with images and sounds of care from nature, magic and the life of elderly. Philipp Hansen giving insights into the life and actions of philippa fairy. Besides the short films there will be an installative room with material and immaterial objects to be experienced that the three collected and produced throughout the whole residency. 



Michał Przybyła, Dominik Więcek (PL)



Adaptation (work in progress) is a performance by Michał Przybyła and Dominik Więcek focusing on developing the topic of adaptation in the body, movement and performative actions, maintained in the form of a game between two performers. In their practice, they explore bodies in a physical relationship and model new movement structures based on psychosomatic experiences.

The tasks carried out in real time on stage are the real experience of the performers, in which the viewer has a chance to see the strategies they use at the moment.



Nathalie Vermeiren (BE / NL)

Alienated body


Alienated body shows the process of a body unable to form itself. Stuck in an indecisive form, unable to build up to the human structure we know. An empty shell, continuously distorting its image, twisted in its distortions and discomfort.The work seeks to create an ambiguous angle to look at the human body, to perhaps question how we perceive what we see and what judgement is attached to it. 

Nathalie Vermeiren (BE) graduated as Dancer/maker at the ArtEZ, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in 2020. During her studies she has gotten the chance to work with Ultima Vez repertoire, Forsythe repertoire, Blenard Azizaj, Dario Tortorelli, Caroline Finn and Ann van den Broeck. She worked professionally with theater director Cinzia Scoglionero and was commissioned to choreograph for the poetic work of Jorina van der Laan (De Nieuwe Oost). In 2019 Nathalie and Danielle Huyghe found collective 2Deform, translating their common interests and research in performances. In 2020 Nathalie developed her research and solo Alienated body with Tanzfaktur (Cologne). 



The Mentorship


Dance scholar Ulrike Nestler, freelance director, dramaturg and production manager Christian Grammel, freelance choreographer Emanuele Soavi and freelance choreographer Reut Shemesh will create a lively and sustainable connection between artistic practice and the academic context. Together they will accompany the selected artists during the various working phases, support them and encourage them in their research processes.