SOMMERAKADEMIE: Oh Boy! & Finally a sign of life (Double Bill) (NL)

BühnenSaal | 19 € / 10 € erm.

Antonin Rioche


Oh boy!


Antonin Rioche danced with leading choreographers such as Sacha Walz, Olivier Dubois and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The latter encouraged him to make a piece. In a search for the difference between alone and lonely, Rioche took his travelling life as a dancer as a point of departure. He created the poetic Oh boy! for former NDT dancer Benjamin Behrend, who has to move in situations of disaster and physical and mental exhaustion. He is forced to accept his vulenaribility and finds the essence of loneliness.


Choreography & Concept Antonin Rioche

Cast Jochem Eerdekens

Sound design Niels Plottard

Music T-rex - Cosmic Dancer

Light design Loes Schakenbos

Costume design Jan-Jan Van Essche

Oh boy! is a production by Antonin Rioche and Korzo.


Finally a sign of life


Finally a sign of life reflects the days where the sun did not rise inside us. We did not hear the birds anymore. It was so dark that the mornings felt the same as the evenings. Even on sunny days, it was dark. Is it possible for anyone to see the sun with his own eyes? The light never came home, and everything always remained the same. We were not grounded, we were floating. Our soul had to disconnect from our body, in order to carry on. We were waiting for something to happen, or someone to fall. An open jail surrounded by a deafening silence, filled with patience. The darkness was everywhere. Inside of me, and inside of you. We were living in the dark, and the only light we had was the light inside us. It is always darkest before the dawn. We know that we can draw a map to the stars in the death of night. Dancing our hopelessness away. The light came back again. A rebirth, translating a truly intimate story. It is a journey to find the courage to embrace moments of darkness and pain. The ability to meet discomfort, in order to recognize a hidden gift underneath. An offering of celebration, awakening, and light, helping us to connect to our body and nourish our love for dance. Dancing within the duality forever, again, and again.


Choreography & concept Antonin Rioche

Cast Jochem Eerdekens & Reiko Ohta

Sound design Niels Plotard

Music Celer - Inside the head of God, Play John Cassavetes 2 by Ekkehard Ehlers

Light design Loes Schakenbos

Costume design Jan-Jan Van Essche


Finally a sign of life is a production by Anotnin Rioche, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater.


Fotos: Alex Avgud