SOMMERAKADEMIE: Multiplex Realities (SE)

STUDIO 5 | 19 € / 10 € erm.
Div. Slots 16-22:00

Noah Hellwig




Multiplex Realities – in this piece is an umbrella title for the construction of reality through social and sensorial experience. It is also the title of a performance of two separate experiences existing simultaneously in two different rooms parallel to each other. 

You will enter into this experience one person at a time. Together we will be moving, talking, walking, communicating, shaping, adapting, creating and mentally oscillating inside different parallel realities which are constantly evolving with time. The sensorial, social and imaginary perceptions of reality will be interleaved into one experience where truths and structures are challenged and potential futures are constantly changing. 


Multiplex Realities is two one-to-one performances working with imagination, senses and virtual reality technology around perceiving multiple perceptions and layers of reality simultaneously. It works on a sensorial and social level during a meeting between the performer and the audience.
It works simultaneously as a live art installation piece as the actions happening inside the piece can be followed from an audience outside. There you can follow two bodies negotiating a meeting between them and how the development of that meeting changes the physicality of their bodies. 



The event takes place in direct, individual one-to-one contact with the artist and lasts approximately 20 minutes. The viewer wears VR goggles during the event and is guided and led by the artist. There are different artists in space 1 and 2, so there are different experiences in both spaces - The choreographer highly recommends booking both spaces as both experiences build on each other and expand each other's universe.

Please note that the piece involves physical contact with the artist - so please only turn up healthy and tested. Wearing a mask is not necessary during the performance unless you wish to do so.





Noah Hellwig is a freelance dance artist who is working in contexts of extended choreography, contemporary dance, performance art, baroque dance, interactive performance and interactive media.
His own choreographic work has spanned between focusing on participatory and interactive performances, immersive environments, mixed-reality performances, reflections on dance and music history, somatic and subjective perspectives on experience and movement, as well as working with different approaches of embodying relationships with technology.

His pieces have been shown at festivals and venues in Sweden and Europe such as Dansenshus in Stockholm Sweden DanseHallerne in Copenhagen Denmark, Oslo Early in Norway, and Temps d’Images at Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf.

Noah Hellwig is based in Stockholm, Sweden.



Concept, Idea & Choreography: Noah Hellwig
Performers: Noah Hellwig, Disa Krosness
Music: Miranda Abrahamsson
Virtual Reality Design: Johann Prell - Vobling
Light design: Johan Sundén & Noah Hellwig
Sound design: Elize Arvefjord & Noah Hellwig
Binaural soundsscape design: Noah Hellwig
Artistic consultation: Gabriel Widing
Administration: Smart Productionshus


Performance photos by Fernando Molin.
Profile photo by Rebecka Pershagen.