STREAM: Double Bill ZZT Graduation Projects

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Double Bill - Christoph Speit & Katharina Senzenberger

"ARCH_TMC it feels like I put sunglasses on" by Christoph Speit will be streamed LIVE.


it feels like I put sunglasses on

Christoph Speit


"ARCH_TMC it feels like I put sunglasses on" negotiates the body under the influence of established systems. Light and music create a club atmosphere that situates the body in a subversive space. ARCH_TMC is an engaging experience that develops in the relationship between body, sound and space. 

Concept/Performance: Christoph Speit

Music: Sören Siebel/Bas Grossfeldt

Supported by tanzhaus nrw



Katharina Senzenberger


Solid Liquid explores different aspects of fluidity - on a political, abstract and material level. How can fluidity be understood as a resistant concept in relation to fixed, rigid structures and identities? Solid Liquid seeks to blur fixed positions and liquefy boundaries and binaries. The performance plays simultaneously in different modes of in-betweenness of subject:object, fake:real, solid:liquid, who-we-are:who-we-want-to-be, provoking the gaze:feeling the gaze, losing power:appropriating power.


Choreography & Concept: Katharina Senzenberger

Performance: Katharina Senzenberger & Charlotte Werner

Music: Jana Maria Katharina Heinz, Gigi D'Agostino, Easter


Supported by the Auf Geht's! Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Gender Scholarship of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the HfMT Cologne.