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Emanuele Soavi incompany

AUREA - A 'walk-in' dance installation about time and standstill, the artificial and the organic, surrender and self-discovery, machine and man.

"And the earth was desolate and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep..."


Starting from the first lines of the Old Testament, Emanuele Soavi, together with dancer and choreographer Susanne Linke - a master in creating surreal moments through slow and unexpected reactions that create a very special presence of the performer on stage - developed a movement research on the theme of order, structure and the opposite of it: chaos. AUREA was nominated for the Cologne Dance Prize in 2015 and has since been invited to many national and international festivals. Based on this fruitful collaboration, Soavi varies and expands the theme in this performative installation together with the protagonists of his ensemble into a dialogue of 'black' ancestral figures between past and future in an organic dystopian landscape. Under live sounds and sounds from Bach's 'French Suites' everything freezes in iconographic elegance.




Idea/Choreography: Emanuele Soavi

Direction/Coaching: Susanne Linke

Performance: Federico Casadei, Taeyeon Kim, Josefine Patzelt, Mihyun Ko, Emanuele Soavi

Live piano: Thomas Wansing

Live sound: Stefan Bohne

Set design: Heike Engelbert

Production Management: Achim Conrad

Team Management / Communication: Alexandra Schmidt, Silvia Werner, Kristina Wydra

Photos: Joris Jan Bos


The revival is supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.