Dance and Movement in the TanzFaktur

Why dance?

Just let go and feel the beat, experience yourself in the field of tension between creativity, precision and improvisation or just get absorbed in the movements of the group and leave everyday life behind for a few minutes together.




Especially topical In Lockdown, we quickly forget that our bodies can do more than just sit, type emails, or homeschool. We jump, swing, open and close, drop or stretch out. Every body is a little wonder of nature and has its own dance language. Together we want to express it!

Dancing not only enhances our ability to concentrate and coordinate, but also tickles the feelings of freedom and joy within us thanks to all kinds of endorphins.




Whether dynamic in Contemporary and Urban Grooves, calm and powerful in Ballet, or intuitive in the Impro class, we offer the right movement for every level of training.

Want to learn more about your body's anatomy and understand how complex movements translate into dance? Then try our classes Axis Syllabus Lab and Dance your Anatomy! An exciting mix of curiosity, urge to move, and dance awaits you!

Our Philosophy

Moving people and getting them moving is and remains one of the most important motives of the TanzFaktur. TanzFaktur is a place for teaching dance to all people: People of all ages, all abilities, all walks of life. It is a place that offers the opportunity to engage in dance themselves in order to gain insight into artistic research and creative exploration

A particularly important concern is to share our joy of movement with children and young people. Trained instructors give even the youngest access to rhythm and body awareness. When everyone dances under one roof, the TanzFaktur becomes a lively meeting place that combines creative movement with cultural education. In short, the TanzFaktur's engagement with dance and movement is not merely superficial consumption, but has a profound and multi-layered effect!