Dance and Movement in the TanzFaktur

Our Philosophy

Education Dance & Soma

The second Lockdown served as an occasion for us to sharpen our profile: Moving people and getting them moving is and remains one of the most important purposes of the TanzFaktur. 

The TanzFaktur is a place for teaching dance to all people: People of all ages, all abilities, all walks of life. It is a place that offers the opportunity to engage in dance oneself in order to gain insights into artistic research and creative exploration. 

Within the somatic formats, we invite participants to explore their own bodies in order to develop a deeper understanding of individual possibilities and limits. In this way, connections are detected that develop your personal body awareness and, as a product of this, dissolve and optimise posture and movement patterns. 

In short: the engagement with dance and movement in the TanzFaktur is not merely superficial consumption, but has a profound and multi-layered effect!


We will continue to move you throughout the lockdown! 

With our online live classes, we are doing our bit to help you get through this challenging time in a balanced way. Do yourself some good and give yourself and your body the gift of dance and movement - online, from home.