WORKSHOP 3: 19 - 21 JULY

Marion Sparber


Originally from South Tyrol, Italy, Marion received her education at Varium and Iwanson. Since 2014 Marion ́s work is funded by the Amt für Deutsche Kultur der Autonomen Provinz Südtirol, Region Trentino- Südtirol and the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse. Several of her pieces are produced by IDEA – Tanz Theater Performance. With this support Marion created "The Ripe and ruin", "Big Boys don ́t cry", "Shell Shock", "Nefelibata", "Ohne Zwei", "Porzellan- Haus", "Eight" and "Impromptu". Marion ́s choreographies are highly physical dance-theatre pieces, often with videowork by Projeto Solo, which have been performed internationally. She has danced with choreographers such as Francisco Córdova, Stella Zannou, Sonia Rodriguez and ADN- Dialect. Since 2008 Marion is teaching in several festivals in europe, the americas and asia a.o at Deltebre dansa, B12, Circuit-est, Atlas Festival, Vim Vigor, Academy Dancer Russia, Tanzcompagnie Rostock, Stadttheater Bielefeld and TanzFaktur Köln. 



From Inside to outside with Marion Sparber
I teach Contemporary dance with emphasis on spirals and floor work. The warm-up is focused on passing through the whole body and expanding our flexibility and strength - connecting to the flow of organic movement. By awakening the feeling of our feet as the base and connection to the ground we use the playfulness to get inspired, let go of unnecessary tension and surprise ourselves. With the help of games in different constellations we listen to the weight of our body and direct it through space. By integrating changes of dynamic into movement phrases we constantly recycle our energy. The continuous spiral into and out the floor and the use of attack and release helps us to move efficiently and in a clear relation to the space. I ́m inspired by the Flying Low technique by David Zambrano and mix it with my personal investigation. I like to establish a collective mind and body inside the class to enhance the group power giving an energetic push to the individual source of creativity.

Alan Fuentes-Guerra


The mexican choreographer, dancer and teacher received his education at EPDM in Mazatlán, Mexico followed by the post-graduate program at SEAD. After graduating he worked with Karolin Stächele, Stephanie Felber, Marion Sparber, Ralf Jarochinsky, Christine Gouzelis, Sita Ostheimer, Etienne Gilloteau, Francisco Córdova, Eldad Ben Sasson, Miguel Mancillas and Cecilia Lugo. As choreographer Alan created „the far out people“, which was supported by Distanzen- Solo / Dachverband Tanz and co- coreated the pieces „Ohne Zwei“, "Aftermath" and „Porzellan-Haus“ which were performed internationally at several venues and festivals. Alan has been invited to teach at international schools and festivals in Europe, the Americas and Asia, a.o.: Marameo, Deltebre Dansa, Descalzinha Danza, TanzFaktur, Tanzcompagnie Rostock, Stadttheater Bielefeld, Diavolo Company, La Cantera, Encuentros Mutantes, Camp In, Nómada Festival, Rozbark en motion, Goa Contact Festival, Cyrculacje and Sozo Visions in Motion.


Espaciocontinuo with Alan Fuentes Guerra

espaciocontinuo makes a reference to the idea that we live in a world of constant change. Therefor we should be aware of this fact and allow our perception to be open and ready. I like teaching Contemporary dance technique with an emphasis on floor work; with the purpose of applying the sensations harvested from the floor into a vertical standing position.

Activeness and strong physicality are important to me, so I keep an alert- open-sensitive state during the entire class. The beginning of the class is focused on amplifying the range of motion of all the articulations in the body from smaller to bigger, mixed with a playful way of working on strength and flexibility. Improvisation, space awareness, attention of our body and attention to others are mandatory elements to every performer, so I make specific emphasis on developing these skills as part of the training. espaciocontinuo offers several tools that help performers in their path of self-expression!