Workshop with Idit Herman and Reut Shemesh

When and where:
16.12.2018 11:00-14:00
TanzFaktur, Siegburger Straße 233 w
50679 Köln-Deutz

The Instant Creation workshop closes the first round of a new and ongoing collaborative project between Clipa Theater, Tel-Aviv and Reut Shemesh, Cologne, which includes a series of performances and talks. For further information about the performances of Clipa theatre in TanzFaktur Cologne visit -

Workshop description:
This workshop session is designed for performers, visual artist, directors, and choreographers who wish to advance their creative process by better understanding the connection between crucial elements of a performance and acquire tools to quickly and intuitively turn a creative concept into a short movement scene on stage.

The intensive 3-hour workshop is taught by choreographer Reut Shemesh and director Idit Herman. Their combined research methods and experience in the field of direction, visual theater and choreography present a practical and immediate format to insert multiple disciplines into a cohesive stage performance.

The workshop session is divided into three parts:

Part I - Dynamics; participants will gain an awareness and understanding of the dynamic relationship between the performer, the object, space and the viewer, and how to use the tension between them.

Part II - Instant creation; participants are guided individually to produce a movement scene within a given time frame.

Part III - Group presentation; the final part of the workshop is dedicated to a short group creation, which will examine the differences between the newly taught methods and encourages the participants to discover new composition tools.

35€ + a ticket for the performance of CLIPA in TanzFaktur.

About Reut Shemesh & Idit Herman:

Reut Shemesh is an independent choreographer based in Cologne/Hamburg, Germany, and current artist in residence at K3 in Hamburg, Germany. She received her first degree from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands, as well as a postgraduate degree from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

Shemesh’s work uses the language and structure of dance and choreography and has ranged from contemporary dance and movement to experimental film and poetry, and have been presented in many venues and festivals. In addition to her creative work, she teaches choreography in several universities

Idit Herman is founder and director of Clipa Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel. Under her artistic leadership, Clipa has become the habitat for performance artists, whose creative process emphasizes multidisciplinary work and ongoing research into the various methods and styles of performance art.

Herman directs Clipa’s stage works, immersive and site-specific projects and conducts the entirety of their design, such as costumes and set. Her work has been presented in dozens of countries and awarded several (inter)national prizes, including the prestigious Landau Prize for Clipa’s consistent contribution to the field of visual theater in Israel

For registration:
0221 - 222 00 583


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