WORKSHOP 2: 18 - 20 JULY

Hannah Kidd


Hannah began her training at Elmhurst Ballet School and then went onto London
Contemporary Dance School where she completed her BA Hons and later her MA. 
In 2007 Hannah joined Richard Alston Dance Company, with whom she performed
for six years both nationally and internationally. In late 2012 Hannah was nominated
for the National Dance Award's Outstanding Female Performer. As a freelance dancer
she has performed for many other leading companies and choreographer’s, notably
Russell Maliphant, New Movement Collective, Merce Cunningham Company (Event),
Didy Veldman, Ashley Page, Darren Ellis and Mark Bruce Company.
Hannah was part of the original cast for Bruce’s “Dracula” which was winner of the
Sky Arts South Bank Award 2014 and was nominated for a Critics Circle award for
her role as Penelope in Bruce’s Odyssey in 2016. 
Alongside performing Hannah has taught in many of the UK's dance conservatoire’s
on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at London Contemporary
Dance School, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Rambert School of Ballet and
Contemporary Dance, Central School of Ballet and at Trinity Laban.

Hannah teaches a Cunningham based class that focusses on finding a healthy body
alignment and aims to form strong connections through the body leading onto a more
fluid centre practice. Taking inspiration from her work with the numerous companies
she has worked with but predominately from her time with Richard Alston Dance
Company, Hannah’s class aims to combine rhythmical shifts in space with empathy for
musicality and dynamics.


Álvaro Esteban López



Álvaro Esteban López, originally from Madrid.
"Since I was a kid I felt always attracted by the human body and the way it moves.
The way it makes visible our own vital energy and emotions. This interest drove me to study:
– Bachelor in Sciences of Sports and Physical Activities. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
– Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage
– Finally at the age of 23 I started to study contemporary dance at RCPD Mariemma, Madrid.
Since 2006 I´m developing my career as a dance performer and teacher having worked with
several companies and choreographers as a freelance artist. Nowadays I´m working together
with Cocoondance Company (Bonn) and Daniel Abreu Company (Madrid) as well as
developing personal projects internationally prized and toured: ‚Entomo’ (Álvaro Esteban &
Elías Aguirre collaboration) and ‚Cualquier mañana’ (Laura Aris & Álvaro Esteban collaboration).”

„I want to share what helped me to grow as a performer, what I learnt, experienced and observed.
My focus is on the body, building from the body and giving it the attention that we take away too often.
Tools I am working with:
– Conscious use of body weight to discover our own way of moving, our own path according to
bone structure. Instead of trying to copy movement, we move from our body.
– Mobility of the spine. I love the movement ability of the spine, the images it can evoke and how it
complements the movement of hips and shoulders.
– Consciousness of individual imagery and the use of it in our favour. My own images have helped
me to generate different qualities of movement without intending to narrate. The idea is that
everyone discovers their personal imagery and how it affects/helps them in their movement.
– Animal/instinctive energy and emotions. Observe and be aware of how it affects our movement
when we play with different emotions and with basic instincts.
– Group movement. Work on perception of the other and the space to understand where the energy
is moving and which role I play in it.
Deepen the knowledge of oneself to open up from there to other possibilities of movement.
Train self-awareness to be able to visit other places from this base.”